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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Waffles. Get some. Really.

Since I had a doctor’s appointment I didn’t ride my bike to work. Funny. My doctor lives only a long block away from me, yet I drove to East Memphis to see him. And he was impressed I commute to work by bike.

Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail will be featured at the Brooks Museum Thursday evening. Get your tickets here. Funniest movie of all time? Maybe.

Odds and ends time. Yeah I wore my Misfits t-shirt Saturday. I walked into Coffee Town and a guy exiting just stared at my shirt. What, you’ve never seen a Misfits t-shirt?

Some of the headlines in today’s paper made me laugh today. Roseanne Barr for president? Really? This is what it has come down to? Ummm… maybe 2012 is the end of the world.

I watched Fox News with Bill O’Reilly last night by mistake. Wow. The channel was tuned (do you say “tuned” when you have digital cable. Wait. Is it even cable anymore? Fiber optics?) to the channel when I walked into the room. After a minute I had to leave the room. This is what it has come down to? Ummm… maybe 2012 is the end of the world.

My side project is coming along swimmingly. Things turn out differently than planned, which is a good thing. I love how a plan comes together.

Alright, plans for Wednesday? Bike to work! Hello Greenline.

See you here tomorrow for more bikes, coffee and waffles. And now, time for drinks. Cheers!