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Late post since I just finished watching “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (the new version). I didn’t expect the movie to be so good. Great movie. See it. I hope they remake the entire series.

My wife found a used mountain bike today for herself.

Wheels of steel.

Cheap and the bike looks new. The tires are in perfect condition. The bike appears to have been in storage for a long time. And… yes the bike is sitting in the house. Don’t steal this bike!

I did ride to work this morning. Yes the morning was chilly. Yes I used my balaclava. And… I took along some gumbo for lunch. Wait. How do you ride with gumbo? First, I sealed the container with tape. Second, I put the container in a sealed plastic bag. Third, I placed the sealed plastic bag in a second plastic bag. Guess what? The gumbo made it to work. Perfect. And the gumbo was awesome.

Where did I get the gumbo? An excellent bowl party Sunday. We ate so much great food. I was told the gumbo was exported from New Orleans.

This morning I was surprised by a gift. A friend purchased a book for me. The book is based on philosophy and ways to better your life by changing the way you react and think. I read some of the book already, and it contains interesting idea’s. Sorry I’m not joining a cult yet.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment so no ride to work. Have a great day Midtown.