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Saturday! It is wet but warm outside. You have to love getting out in February without wearing a jacket.

This morning I dreamed I was riding my bike. Hey no flat in my dream. And for once I slept in late. Good for me.

Today is my wedding anniversary. Five great years. It’s all about love.

I have to go shopping. To get the day started right I began at Republic Coffee with a drink. The place was crowded when I arrived. I chatted with the staff for a while. I didn’t bring my headphones and with all the noise I couldn’t work on anything, so I read some news and left early.

Making a few stops around town, picking up some items for my wife, I ended up at the bike store. While purchasing a new tire tube, I chatted with Cort for a very short while then headed home. To fix the flat? No. To write this blog. The flat will have to wait.

Plans? Maybe Rizzo’s downtown tonight for dinner. We are attending a party tomorrow for game day. I hear the food will be outstanding. Looking forward to it. February 9th at 7:00 p.m. the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” will be featured at the Brooks Museum. Go!

And I have started a super secret side project. The project should be complete in 30 days. More information later.

Alright, get out and enjoy your day. See you back here tomorrow for more love.