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Finally Friday. Go get ’em.

I forgot to write about a new podcast I am following. “Drinking Made Easy” has a podcast. I haven’t watched the show lately, but the podcast is entertaining. Get your podcast here. I was riding along the Greenline laughing out loud.

So the first thing I do before I start my bicycle commute in the morning is to check the tires. All good? All good. Except this morning was not all good. My front tire was “all flat”. #1 I hate flat tires. #2 I hate to change flat tires. #3 I hate flat tires. Yes I “could” have changed the tire in ten minutes flat (pun intended). I hate starting the day with a flat. Don’t want to start a ride without a spare tire, don’t want to take the time to change the tire and I am not thrilled with the exercise of fixing the flat. Tomorrow I will fix the flat.

So this morning I headed to the gas station and paid $3.28 a gallon for gas. If you are a motorist, you are crazy to be paying that much for gas.

The day ended with dinner and dessert from Ciao Bella. I forgot to take a picture of my lasagna but I did take a picture of dessert.


Back to New Orleans. The first night in town we ran into Norman Reedus. He was behind the bar. I had no idea who he was. Everyone else did. Check out my Norman Reedus page (on top of the site) for NR stuff.

I have no idea who Norman Reedus is.

Get out your wallets….

Colored lights that hypnotize…

Sidewalks of New Orleans.



New brand of clothing.

I’m sure everyone takes this picture. Here’s mine.

I want your skull.

It’s a beauty.

Blowing in the wind.

My favorite picture today is from the Chart Room. Dive bar. Dive-dive bar. Dive bar’s wish they were like the Chart Room. Great price on drinks. Sit, chat and drink. I really loved this sign:

Oh Fortuna…

True words.

See you back here tomorrow for more coffee and the winds of fortune.