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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Coffee time.

Wow. I woke up early from a nightmare. I dreamed I was putting a Kid Rock show on sale (which I did a few times in the past). After putting the show on sale I realized that I had forgotten to hold band seats, media holds and promo holds. Plus the main floor was put on sale with seats, but was supposed to go on sale as general admission. Wow. I haven’t worked a show in five years and I still dream about working concerts. Talk about a nightmare. My name is….

After shaking off the bad dream, I packed up and headed to Coffee Town. The staff and I discussed Aerosmith and our general “so what” attitude about the band. Yes, I’ve worked Aerosmith shows in the past. Stories? Yes, but I’m not telling them here. Even after working many shows, I really had no inclination to watching the shows.

I drank up and jumped on my bike. My pace was slower this morning, but my rhythm was good. The sun was shining, the birds were cheeping (or doing whatever birds do) and the temperature was not bad. I have to say today was a nice day to bike.

Riding home today, the weather was brilliant. Look ma, no gloves or cold weather shirt. And even better, it is light out until my last two miles. I still use the Christmas lights on my bike for fun.

Plans for Friday? Dinner with friends. Swanky dinner with friends, I hope.

Need more Big Easy? Here is some more gumbo for you!

Love spelled g-u-m-b-o.

Deanies gumbo is good. This is the second time I have tried the gumbo out. Citizens of the city say it is not so good, but I beg to differ.

Love the bike, couldn't ride it.

This bike was found in an alley. I do not believe it was locked up. I mean, would you need to lock it up? Who is going to ride away on it? Yeah, I couldn’t ride this bike, wish I saw whoever owned it though.

Random street corner generator.

Here is your lucky street corner for tonight; Bourbon and Toulouse. Thanks for playing!

Three words say it all.

Found on a wall.

Well that sums up New Orleans. It’s heaven and hell.

Picture perfect Jackson Square.

The perfect day in New Orleans. To bad it was the last day in the Big Easy.

When the levee breaks...

Part of the bike tour. “Here is the levee.” I did ask questions about the levee and Hurricane Katrina.

Our guide said this was the "original" concept for the Mona Lisa.

Monkey reading "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

Done! Well mostly done. Time for drinks! See “you” on Finally Friday.