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Waffle Wednesday Midtown.

Get some.

I “was” going to ride to work today, but I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed early enough. Since I couldn’t ride to work, I read the news at Coffee Town and chatted with the staff.

If you want to see the funniest movie of all time, buy tickets to attend “Monty Pythons Holy Grail” at the Brooks Museum. February 9th 7:00 p.m. Get your tickets here. I’m going, so should you.

And if you requsted a post card from New Olreans, they were mailed Monday. You will have the card soon enough.

More New Orleans stuff. During the last day of my trip to the Big Easy, I walked about town wearing my “Murder City Devils” t-shirt.

History? I purchased the t-shirt online 11 years ago while working in show business. Yes I still have and wear the t-shirt. I wear the t-shirt in Memphis weekly. No one ever comments on the t-shirt in Memphis. I was stopped on the street by a local guy in New Orleans asking where I had purchased the  t-shirt. When I said the t-shirt was purchased online, he said “Well you’re in Murder City man.” One hour later I am shopping in a store, when the clerk asked where I had purchased the t-shirt. I told her I was just asked that same question. Strange how t-shirts create comments in one city but not another city.

Slightly "used" bike.

We stopped by this used fixtures / antique store in the French Quarter. The shop rents bikes.

Waiting for Morgan

We saw this sign posted on a door in the French Quarter. We are not sure why they were waiting for Morgan Freeman.

Love me the Cafe Du Monde.

Nothing but love at Cafe Du Monde.

Yeah, the entire building is red.

It appears the building is now vacant. Good luck selling a red building. Although this building may be the most popular building in New Orleans on Valentines Day.

Dead and loving it.

I found this poster along Canal St. pasted to the side of a newspaper stand. I have no idea what the poster is about.

Archway by a park.

This arch was next to a park that was on the bike tour. The arch was dedicated to the fallen men of New Orleans fighting in war.

Church cross on the bike tour.

This cross is in front of the first free black citizens church of New Orleans. The story behind the church is great. Read more about St. Augustine’s Catholic Church here and the War of the Pews.

Alright I am done and tired. Time for a drink and bed. Come back tomorrow for more coffee and stories from New Orleans.