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Yes we survived New Orleans, barely. Yes I am stuffed with gumbo, and mixed drinks. Yes I am very tired. Let me tell you how the Big Easy is really “the Big Tough on your body” type of city.

We finished Monday night with dinner and then we went looking for drinks. Since we enjoyed Finnegans Easy Bar, we decided to stop in. We were the only patrons this evening at 10:00 p.m. The bartender was new to us and we talked to him for a while. I asked “What is the biggest misconception about New Orleans”. “That it is a dangerous city”. He went on to mention many other cities with high crime, but New Orleans get’s the bad rap.

So we sat and had a few drinks. The bartender started to drink and did a few shots. He must have had a “few” drinks since our bill totalled $10.50 for four drinks.

Serious beer drinker having a Santo Beer.

If you come across Santo Beer, have one. I’m led to believe it is a black Kölsch style beer. The beer is GREAT. Try one.

This morning we woke to excellent weather. To bad we had to leave the city. But not before taking a walk to Jackson Square.

Picture Perfect Day
Yes we had coffee and beignet’s at Cafe Du Monde. Two words… awesome. We shopped and ate our last lunch in the Big Easy before leaving. Thank you New Orleans. I could never live in NOLA, but I sure love visiting the city.

Oh, and here are more random pictures from the city. Check them out.

Love in a bowl!

I was hungry.

So we switched rooms at Prince Conti Hotel, and this was our view.

Yes, you “thought” race cars were expensive. Someone in New Orleans has solved that price problem. And to think, if “you” have a Sharpie Marker, you too can own a race car. You go Number Three!

My next bike while in New Orleans.

Have a great evening and I will be back tomorrow with more from Midtown AND New Orleans. Cheers.