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Hello from New Orleans! Yes I survived. Yes I am still eating gumbo.

Breakfast started with a $5 plate at Quarter Masters. We usually get something cheap here every stay while in the city.

Next up, the 3 hour bike tour of New Orleans. The ride was enjoyable, packed with lots of history. The tour guide said that cyclists and motorists get along with each other without the need of bike lanes. 6 of us cruised around New Orleans, even stopping at a bar. Good tour.

With a tip from the tour guide we tried the restaurant Stanley in Jackson Sq. The gumbo was okay, certainly not my favorite though. My wife enjoys Mexican food so we headed to the Country Flame. After she had enchiladas, we headed to the casino.

We only lost $10 each in over 90 minutes, so I guess we did alright.

Next up? A nap! This city wears me out! The current time is 8:00 p.m. Time for drinks in the Big Easy.

See you back here tomorrow Midtown.