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Living Loud is Loud in New Orleans.

That’s correct, I’m eating my way from one end of the French Quarter to the opposite end. You really can’t go wrong with all this great N.O. food.

The first restaurant stop last night was Desire Oyster Bar. Hello gumbo. I love you.

Other stops? Cafe Du Monde. The casino. An Irish bar where we ran into an actor. (all the women knew who he was, I had no idea. Pictures to be posted later) Hurricanes, margaritas, & beer. Thank you.

After a late night sing along at the Opera House, we headed back to the hotel.

Breakfast today? “Mothers”. This is the first time I’ve tried Mothers. The crawfish omelet was amazing. Loved it.

We walked breakfast off at the French Market. More casino and gambling, then we went for a tour. “Strange True” tour was interesting. Lots of history with a walk around the French Quarter. I asked the guide what the biggest misconception about New Orleans was. “That all we do is drink and party” he said. I guess it’s only tourists that drink and party.

The other thing we noticed was so many people riding bikes in the quarter. I asked the tour guide why so many used bicycles as transportation. He said parking is expensive in the French Quarter. If you work in the quarter, it is easier and cheaper to take a bike to work.

The biggest shock of the tour? When talking about Led Zeppelin’s connection to the big easy, a Korean couple had never heard of Led Zeppelin. “Little band from England.” “Stairway!”

Plans for tomorrow? Bike tour of New Orleans. Oh and maybe a drink or three.

See you back here Monday for more Big Easy love.