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Saturday. What to do on a Saturday in Memphis? How about a….


That’s right. I ordered me a waffle and coffee on this chilly morning.

Short post today since I am about to drive 6 hours to get to the Big Easy. I can already taste the gumbo. Sign me up! Stories, pictures and interesting stuff headed your way tomorrow.

My wife told me about this article about stolen bikes and a guy who attempts to track stolen bikes down. Read the story here. I haven’t finished the story yet, but the article is great. If you own a bike, you should read this story by Patrick Symmes.

I did attend the Tennessee Tease show last night. The event was SOLD OUT. Good for TNT. I was not sure what to make of the show before I attended. “A year in a night” was the theme of the event. I do have to say the multi-piece live band was a great addition to the show. And Chloe du Bois sounded excellent, adding vocals to many of the skits. The wedding skit was well done, especially with the fire performer. I didn’t enjoy the fire performers in the past, but something worked very well with last night’s show. I’m not sure if it was the song, the vocal’s or her movement, but the skit worked very well. I also think that the show had a better pace than previous shows. TNT is moving in the right direction with live entertainment (no pun intended). Read more about the TNT events here.

Alright, it is time to ride to New Orleans. I will see you here tomorrow with a drink in hand and a bowl of gumbo. See ya!