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Are you feeling “evil” today? If so, check out the “evil” edition of Living Loud.

So last night I worked on my bike lights. “Didn’t you JUST work on a car headlight?” Yes I did. The car headlight fix took one hour. Last night I worked on repairing my Christmas bike lights for… one hour. What is it with lights that make them so difficult? I KNOW that the power is working on the bike lights since ONE light works. Now I have to get the rest of the lights to work. I had already repaired one short in the wiring. Last night I was working on two additional shorts in the wiring. After repeated attempts and cutting my finger with a pointy knife, I was ready to give up. Then an idea hit me. “What if the lead wire’s were disconnected?” Come to find out that is exactly what the problem was. I was trying to fix the lights when no juice was flowing to the string of lights. Doh! I found one wire that I thought was connected to the power source really wasn’t connected. And as soon as I connected that wire, the remaining lights lit up. Done! Well not exactly. I also attached my basket to my bike. More than one hour later and I was done.

Next task. I downloaded a library book for free. Good. I downloaded the book in the wrong format. Bad. Hmmm… I then downloaded a program (program #1) to change the format of the book. Good. I then downloaded a program (program #2) to “do stuff” to said book, that would make program number one work. Of course program #2 needed an additional program downloaded (program #3) to make program #2 to work. Confused? Yeah me too. One hour later and the book was turned into the correct format and added to my reading device. Hmmm… spend one hour fixing a book to read in the correct format or just BUY THE BOOK for $10? Ten bucks would have saved me some hassle and frustration. The library book download was all legal and stuff. The remaining other things I did to said digital information is questionable. If I borrowed a CD from the library, copied the CD to tape (remember cassette tapes?) and played the music from a tape player, then destroyed the cassette tape two weeks later when the CD was returned to the library, is that on the up and up?

It appears the Commercial Appeal pay wall has attempted to thwart me. Not that I read many articles from the CA. I remember when the NY Times was placing a pay wall at that site as well. I stopped reading the NY Times. If there are one or two articles that interest me per day, would I pay for a subscription? Doubtful. Same thing for the Commercial Appeal. My thoughts? The pay wall will not work. Readers will do one of two things; NOT read the CA or find a way around the pay wall. Try the Googler and you will find ways around pay walls. Stealing? That is a good debate. If I walk into Starbucks, or any other coffee shop and read the newspaper someone else has already purchased and left behind, is that stealing? (What if I buy a CD, copy the CD and upload the songs to the internet. Then you come along and download the CD. Is that stealing? I have paid the artist for the CD. What if you download only 1 song from a 10 song CD? Is it okay as long as we each do not listen to the same song at the same time? What if I buy a newspaper and give you the sports section to read? Is that stealing? I can’t read the sports section the same time you are reading the sports section).  If I only read two articles a day from the CA can I get a better discounted rate? Say $3.00 per month?

Do I steal music from the internet? No. Books? No. Could I? Yes. For the most part, the stealing part is so complicated to me that I do not bother to steal. If I like an artists work, I will pay for it; band or author. I don’t have a problem with that. But I do have a problem with paying for the 2 articles at the most I read daily from the CA. Why buy a 20 chapter book when I only want to read 1 chapter? We will see how the pay wall plays out at the CA website. Good debate about digital information and what you own and what you “think” you own.

Eye exam this morning. “Now is number one better, or number two?” Me – “Two”. “Is three better or four?” Yes, this went on for some time until they figured out that I really can’t see well. 30 minutes later and I have a new prescription. Painless for the most part. “Wait, can you turn it back to one again? I think one is better, no, maybe two. Are those numbers or letters?”

I dashed home, changed and made my way to Cooper Young. I waited a bit for the “Tweed Tour” to arrive. But… it was cold. Really cold. Tweed is not made for warmth, or Memphis weather. After I waited a bit I decided to make a dash to the Brooks Museum for the Arrow Awards. (Sorry Cort, I was cold!) Maybe “Tweed” would catch up to me. I did make good time and even ran into someone who was looking for the “Tweed Tour” himself (he did find the tweed tour by the way). I made it to the museum promptly at 7:00 p.m. and sat and watched the Arrow Awards presentation. The event was good. Not as long or as good as last year, but still good. It appears many of the public service announcements were cut out? The public service announcements are a bit of a downer. But check out this funny commercial. First there is F.A.C.E. (Farming and Countryside Education). I laughed so hard I cried. The part about asparagus is awesome! The models and the smart phone commercial is great too. Go see the Arrow Awards at the Brooks Museum.

After the show, I made my way home. My wife stopped by Memphis Pizza Cafe as I biked along Madison. Three cyclists from the tweed ride caught up to me along Union and Cooper. We talked for a bit about the ride. So I did ride PART of the Tweed Ride!

Wife in car, me riding bike. Guess who made it home first? Me!

I’m done Midtown. Tomorrow? Burlesque show at the Evergreen Theatre. I have my tickets, get YOUR tickets here. Go!

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