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Waffle Wednesday Midtown. Get some.

I walked into Coffee Town and was immediately told “Your late!” Yeah, yeah. I really was one hour late today. The weatherman predicted showers “all day Wednesday”. Didn’t happen. How can you plan a day with bad weather information.

In better news, yesterday marked 8 months of commuting to work by bike. In eight months I have had two flats, one good collision (the dude made a u-turn in front of me along the Greenline) and that is about it. I have also lost weight, feel great and LOVE my daily ride. How many miles do you ride each day you ask? 22.4 miles each day. I put more miles on my bike than my car.

In the news today, look for MORE e-library books coming at you soon. There is a new move to let the public say what we want to have stocked in our local library. Read more here from USATODAY.COM. If you do NOT have a library card, get one! The e-books program let’s you borrow books without leaving your home.

Plans for Thursday? The bike ride from Peddler Bike Shop to the Brooks Museum for a viewing of the Arrow Awards. Should be fun. Read more about the event here. I also have to look at commercial property for work in the morning as well as stopping in for an eye exam. (Should be the other way around, look at property AFTER eye exam but I do not have time to make it work that way).

Remember the Tennessee Tease will have a few shows this weekend. Read more about the event here. I plan to attend Friday night and have purchased my tickets already. Go!

Get in line. I’ve already had a few people request the free postcard. If YOU would like a post card from my trip to New Orleans just days away, send me an email message to: kilmistr AT hotmail.com. Include “send me a postcard!” in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the message (it can be your work address, mom’s address, home address, brothers address, it doesn’t matter to me). International peeps, you can get a post card as well, it will take a few extra days to get to ya. So there. Get a post card from the Big Easy for FREE!