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I hope you are ready for the work week because here it comes. Lot’s of things happened today, so let’s start it up.

Yeah, I had coffee this morning. If it is Monday, you better start the day right. I saw this note on the bulletin board that I found amusing.

Jeff is busy and works all the time. Text him.

Now, if it were me, and I found a c.d. case, I would have rated the c.d.’s. Hmmm…. Madonna (doesn’t matter which c.d.) “F”. Nickelback “F”. Beastie Boys “C”. Motorhead “A+”. Metallica (depends on which decade the album was produced in) 1982-1987 or post St. Anger “A+”. Budgie (any album) “A+”. Foo Fighters “C”. Yeah. I would have totally graded that c.d. case with a big red Sharpie.

I finished the drink and headed outside to gear up for my ride to work. I was packed and ready to go when my basket fell off my bike. Doh! I quickly put my back pack on and changed things up and THEN I was ready to ride.

My ride was fast today. I was only 3 minutes off my best time. I did see this on my way to work:

"And she's buying a stairway to heaven"

Stairway to heaven? No Jimmy Page. It is a very large water fountain. The funny part was that the fountain was turned on last week. No, that is not funny. The funny part was the fountain was powered by a VERY LOUD power generator. Tranquil sounds of the fountain in your garden? Nope, the sound of a generator playing on 10.

So “this” is what the fountain looks like.

Since I am headed to New Orleans this weekend, I checked out things to do in New Orleans. From www.tripadvisor.com (I used this website many times to plan trips to Europe) I discovered a tour of New Orleans BY BIKE! Awesome! Check out the website http://confederacyofcruisers.com/. Yup. I’m calling tomorrow. Me – “Sir. Yes sir, I want to ride with you!” Them – “Oh great, crazy bike guy from Memphis”. This tour is rated NUMBER ONE for tours in New Orleans. The reviews of this tours are excellent. I CAN’T WAIT!

Another tour I am very interested in is the “Strange True Tour” (find more here). Sign me up. How did all of these tours appear? I was just in New Orleans last year and didn’t hear anything about these tours. Yes, that is two tours we plan to attend.

5:00 p.m. and it is time for me to ride home. I made my way up to the Greenline and I saw this at Mullins Rd.

road side pool, Memphis style.

Hmmm…. “Why” is there a kiddie pool on Mullins Rd.? I went by and then circled back around. I thought the sight was amusing. Only in Memphis.

Alright. I had a busy day. Get out and rock Midtown. I will see you here tomorrow. Cheers.