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Ahhh…  a day off. And I am lovin’ it.

The temperature is great today. Although the weatherman says the temperatures are in the 60’s, I have to say it feels more like 70 degree’s outside.

Yeah, I woke up late. Where to first? Republic Coffee for a waffle and coffee.

Then my wife wanted me to go by Urban Outfitters.

I feel the need... the need for tweed.

We looked about and I found a hat for the Tweed Ride Thursday evening (Peddler Bike Shop to the Arrow Awards-Brooks Museum).

I’m not a hat person, my head is big. I wore the new hat all day.

Let’s head to the Booksellers at Laurelwood.

Since I had just finished Empire of Gold by Andy McDermott, I needed a new book. I have already finished the book “The Ark” by Boyd Morrison which was pretty good. I figured I could try another book by the author for $6.00.

After looking for books, it was time for a local treat. Yolo. Hello Yolo, long time no see. What flavor did I choose? Strawberry Mango. Awesome. The flavor explodes when you taste it. Good stuff Yolo.

A busy week is ahead. Arrow Awards, Burlesque show, and New Orleans.

Other odds and ends? I updated a new security camera for the bike. Plans for Monday? Coffee and bike to work.