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Weekend mania Midtown. Are you loving this cold January day?

Me? No, I am NOT loving the day. I worked. I worked all day. I worked all day in the coal mines. Okay I didn’t work in the coal mines, but I did work 9.5 hours on my day off. The work day was fine. I’m glad my work day is complete.

Haircut? Who needs a haircut? Me. I must look dapper for my vacation to the big easy. Pam has cut my hair for 5 years at Epic Salon and does an excellent job. If you or your girlfriend / wife, mother, brother, or sister need a great cut, she is the one to do it. Epic Salon is located near Poplar and Mendenhall.

And then we were off to a mexican food restaurant. This restaurant is usually packed and it was well attended tonight. I ordered tortilla soup. I know what tortilla soup is supposed to taste like. This was NOT tortilla soup. The soup tasted like warmed over water, with cheese, and tortilla chip strips. Terrible.

Who needs liquor? Me! Fireball. Never had Fireball? Try it. You will like it.

Alright, time for some fireball and REST. I’m beat. See you here  tomorrow. Cheers.