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Finally Friday Midtown. “Everybody’s working for the weekend…” “And that’s why they call me, they call me the workin’man”. (Thanks to Loverboy and Rush).

New plan. Wake up 15 minutes early to get to the coffee shop on time, so I do not have to rush. The plan worked this morning. I was able to read the news and have a second cup of coffee.

Jump on my bike, take a ride along the Greenline. This morning, by pace was off. I couldn’t get into a rhythm.

I discovered at work that I have to work ALL DAY Saturday. Sucks to be me this weekend. Cross my fingers things will go well. It may also mean I will arrive at the coffee shop at 6:30 a.m. in the morning, if I arrive at all.

I rode home this evening in warmer than usual temperatures. By the end of the ride I was a sweaty mess. I did stop in at the coffee shop and talk with the staff about stuff for a short while. I even snacked on some cookies while I was there. Thanks guys!

My haircut has been pushed back until the afternoon and I may have to treat my barber to dinner for changing my schedule at a last-minute notice.

Since I am working Saturday, YOU have a great weekend. I will catch up to you on Sunday.