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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Was it cold enough this morning for your bike ride?

I arrived late at the coffee shop this morning. Doh! I hate it when I arrive late. I gulped my coffee down. “Do you want a waffle?” I was asked. “No time” I shouted back.

I then had to add my basket to my bike. I took the basket off for the video shoot yesterday. Now I have to reset the basket. Easier said than done. After 10 minutes I had the basket set on the back-end of my bike. Now where is my balaclava? The temperature is 34 degree’s and I cannot find my balaclava. Doh! At least I have my gloves. So after messing about with my cold weather gear I was ready to ride. I must get better organized for my morning ride.

As I made my way along the Greenline, I came upon the Waring section. The fallen tree had been cut up and the remains of the tree left on the left and right side of the path.

My pace was good this morning.

Heading back home after work, I noticed there was a loose wire along the bike Christmas lights. In days past I thought that the batteries had died. Not so. The short had killed the lights. I attempted to tape the wires together. No good. I then added a clip to the wires. Voila! The lights worked! I then set off for the Greenline. The ride was good.

At the end of my ride I stopped by the store to pick up some toe splints. Yes, I have a couple of broken toes. I sit at home with taped toes and a hard cider. Sorry, no pictures of my broken toes. At least not yet. The toes do not hurt now. They only hurt when I walk a long distance.

Plans for this weekend? I see an eye exam in my future. My last eye exam? 5 years ago. “I can see clearly now…”

Come back tomorrow for more toe splints and coffee. Cheers.