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It is Wednesday Midtown. And you know that means waffles.

The waffle of love

Yup, that is how I started my day. Cold morning; warm waffles.

Bike to work? No. Bike to Hueys? Sort of. Instead of getting on my bike to go to work, I loaded my bike into the back of my truck and headed to Madison Ave. near Hueys. I unloaded my bike and rode around for a short while. I saw Kyle W. from the city pull up and said hello. I then rode around a bit longer waiting for the 100 or so other cyclists to show up… on this balmy 32 degree morning. After a short while some dude named Doug rolled up. That’s TWO people who showed up, including me, if you are playing at home. And that was it. Doug from www.bikinginmemphis.com and I discussed cold weather gear, stolen bikes, and biking video’s we could not explain. Good to see Doug on this cold morning. I guess the video would have appeared very silly with just ME riding my bike. So Kyle, Doug and I circled round the block several times as we were filmed. Good acting Doug! I should have practiced my lines in advance. Pedal, pedal, pedal. “I’m acting!” We never really found out what the video was used for, but no matter. The exercise was different. I am glad I participated. After the director said “cut”, all the sets were torn down and the cast dismissed, I said goodbye to Doug and packed up my bike. I did see a cyclist heading west down the Madison bike lanes at 9:15 a.m. “Your late!” (Side note; I wore my bike shorts under my dress slacks today at work, a first. For some reason I thought I wasn’t wearing a belt all day long. Weird.)

If you enjoy a good show AND you enjoy burlesque, the Tennessee Tease will be performing at the Evergreen Theatre January 27th and 28th. Friday’s show starts at 10:00 p.m. and Saturday shows are 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 BUT you can get half price tickets at Groupon.com. The deal only lasts two days, so get your tickets now. If you have never been to a burlesque show, it is not what you think. Think “art” and “fun” with tease involved. The audience is not “just a bunch of guys”. There are plenty of women in attendance at the shows. Bring a date! “What will the neighbors think?” Bring your neighbors with you! Your neighbors will enjoy the show as well. Also, the drinks are b.y.o.b. at the theater. The theater is small and I would suggest you arrive early to get a good seat. We have been to several Tease shows in the past. I have to say the shows are fun. Give the Tease a try Midtown.

I’m beat Midtown. I appears the year is already getting busy. The Arrow Awards, PLUS bike to the Arrow Awards, Tennessee Tease show and then… New Orleans! 4 days of GREAT food, drinks and gambling. Did I say GREAT food? Oh yeah, our hotel is on Bourbon St. (If you have noticed a picture of an antique cash register at the top of my earlier posts, the picture of the cash register was taken at a museum in New Orleans.)