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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

The temperature was warm this morning, but the wind was really blowing. When I reached the Highland intersection, I pressed the button, waited for the light to turn, and when traffic stopped, I started across the intersection. And that is when I noticed a car just roll across the intersection without stopping. Uhhh… your light is red… Wow. A repeat of yesterday.

I was biking along the Greenline when I came to this:

"I'm a lumber jack, and thats okay..."

near the Waring intersection. The tree completely crossed the Greenline. What to do? Circle round? The tree was nearly 4 feet tall on its side! As I was wondering what to do, a jogger came by and helped me carry my bike over the tree. Thanks dude!

By the time I reached Shelby Farms, the wind was howling. Really howling this time. As I made my way to the bottom of Shelby Farms, I noticed a wind surfer in the lake.

You’re a brave man. Since the wind was blowing as much as it was, today was a good day for such silliness.

I received a notice from Doug at www.bikinginmemphis.com that there will be a video shoot Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. along Madison.

Memphis cyclists: help out Kyle W. and our Mayor and be at this video shoot if you can.

Kyle Wagenschutz


“Any cyclists interested in helping with a video shoot for the Mayor’s State of the City Address should meet me tomorrow morning at 9:00am in the empty lot that used to be occupied by Anderton’s (1901 Madison Avenue). This should only take 15 minutes or so to complete. MSG me if you need any additional details.”


Alright, the temperature will be cold, but I laugh in the face of cold. Well maybe I bundle up well in the face of cold. I’m in. This should be interesting. But I can only do ONE thing; either bike to work or check out this commercial.

I finished work and headed home along the Greenline. But I have to get to the Greenline first. The wind was fierce. At times I doubted I was moving at 5 miles per hour. This part of the ride took 10 minutes longer than usual. Then I attempted to cross Walnut Grove Rd. I pressed the button and waited for the crossing light. My light changed and I began to cross Walnut Grove Rd. I always watch to make sure turning traffic see’s me as I cross the street. A car had been waiting to turn in the center of the intersection. Then that cars light turned red, but he still wanted to turn. This upset the driver sitting at the light, waiting to make that left turn onto Walnut Grove. He honked his horn, then began to speed into the intersection, at the same time I was crossing the street. I looked right at him, and he was not slowing down. I yelled as loud as I could, “HEY!” And then I let the curse words fly at him. I usually do not do this, but the jerk was so intent on making that turn, having been delayed for 5 seconds by another motorist, that he sped into the intersection and nearly hit me. Yeah I was very mad.

I finally worked my up the Greenline and made my way home. Oh and guess what? The fallen tree had been cleared from the path. Let me say it another way; the tree had been cut up and left on the sides of the path.

Yeah the ride home was really ice bike 2012. But… I… survived.

Plans for Wednesday? Waffle Wednesday. Then the video shoot, then work.

Please be careful out there Midtown. Have some coffee and a waffle and I will see you here tomorrow.