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You want more, you got more. Two for Monday!

The temperature was good this morning. Wow. I didn’t have to wear 3 layers of clothing to keep warm. I only had to wear two layers. This mornings ride was easy enough. Until I reached Shelby Farms. The wind was HOWLING. Okay not “howling”, but it was bad. I usually move fast down hills. Not today. The wind was holding me back. And I usually ride faster the last two miles. Not today.

I also have to say there were MANY people out along the Greenline today. Good. You had a day off and used your time wisely.

I did manage to take a couple of pictures of some new Greenline art.

The photo’s were taken near the Waring Intersection.

And in other news, I received a message from Cort. He asked if I wanted to join in a group ride for the “Arrows Awards” (British T.V. Commercial Awards show) held at the Brooks Museum. I gave it a thought and…

All you need... is tweed.

I feel the need… the need for tweed! (Okay I didn’t come up with the quote, but it was good) So yeah, my plan is to ride from the Peddler Bike Shop to the Brooks Museum (about 4.5 miles or so) and then see the show. This should be fun. Thursday evening, next week, be there.

The ride home was windy as well. But the difference was speed. I can’t really say what motivated me, but I was flying down the Greenline. The ride home was a balmy 65 degree’s. I will accept that temperature. I should have slowed down and enjoyed the ride. Maybe tomorrow.

The most disturbing part of my ride? The first intersection I pressed the button to cross the busy intersection, waited for my light to turn green and started across when I had the right of way. A woman in a mini-van waited until I was halfway across the intersection, then pulled out in front of me. ??? Uh… I pointed up at the red light. Yeah, the light is red for a reason. No good. I get to the next intersection and again I wait for the light to turn green for me to cross. The light turns red for motorists, and I begin to cross. I am half way across the intersection and a car goes right thru the red light. Please be carefull out there. It appears motorists are ignoring the traffic lights.

See you tomorrow for more coffee and tweed.