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Over 365 posts. Over 365 coffee’s. Mucho bacon. To many restaurants to remember. Over 130 days of biking. Has it really been ONE YEAR?

First off, I wanted to write this blog because of all the great events going on in Memphis. I would attend some of these events and see low attendance. And some of these events were FREE! What to do? Wait, I will write about events and things I do. Get up off that couch! The couch will be there when you get home. Go and do stuff in Midtown.

Secondly, I wanted to write. The only way to write, is to WRITE every day. I usually spend one hour writing each day. Sometimes more. But if you think about it, even one hour of writing each day will create a huge amount of material in one year. And the blog is a pattern for a larger project I plan. More on that later.

Just to let you know I am terrible when it comes to writing a journal. I have attempted to do so in the past, and was not successful. The closest I came to writing every day was a journal I kept while on my first trip to Paris. I think I wrote for 7 days. The difference between actually writing with pen and paper and “typing” the journal is that I get to add pictures or web links while creating the blog. And… others get to see the daily journal. Just a quick search… and there is “living loud in Midtown”. A peek into my life. (Hey what’s with the name by the way? I worked in the live music business for over 15 years. And yes, it was often loud. And yes, 15 years of live music will grind you down, make you a cynic. “Never meet your idols, they will only let you down” (Ross Halfin). There is one person that can change your life for the better; and that person is you.

My favorite posts? The great iced coffee tour during the summer. I think the temperature was only 102 degrees. Hot but fun. Or the first time I biked to work and back. “It’s only 16 miles.” Turns out it was 22.4 miles. I was only off by a few miles. Or the three Madison bike lane meetings I attended. I live here. I should have a say in the outcome. Beer festivals? Oh yeah, those were good. Movies and books? Yes sir. I saw and read ’em. Group bike rides. Really fun. Do it! I remember looking over at another cyclist and saying to her, “This is awesome!”

We live in a great neighborhood Midtown. Everything is right outside our door. Bars, restaurants, live music, museums, ect. Do stuff, see stuff, take pictures, slow down and see what is around you. I will see you soon. Now get up off that couch and do something!

You say it’s your birthday, it’s my birthday too.