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It is Saturday Midtown! Are you out at local pawn shops like me?

The morning started with a trip to the coffee shop for some coffee and waffles. I have to start the day right if I am going undercover to find my bicycles.

Hunting for my stolen bike, powered by waffles.

The shop was near empty early this morning. The staff pointed out a book for me to check out. “Hollywood and Talley”; the high school romance between two star crossed lovers. The front cover appeared to be disturbing. A must read for everyone! I think the story would have been better as “Hollywood and Chicago”; two former cops on the run from the law AND the mafia. “Framed for crimes they didn’t commit, these two fugitives have to trust each other, or trust no one. They don’t have badges or guns, but they have each other.” I can’t wait for the movie.

I ate my waffle, then headed to the pawn shops of Memphis. My first few stops were the pawn shops near Poplar and Cleveland. Maybe I would get lucky and find my bikes at the first store. Didn’t happen. I then made my way up Summer Ave. After stopping at more than six pawn shops I became depressed. This exercise was like going to a funeral, except you didn’t know where the body was located, so you keep going from location to location. You just drive, stop, look inside the pawn shop, then go on to the next. More than two hours later and I was still no closer to finding the bikes. This is the most time I have spent in my vehicle in a very long time. I had to stop to purchase gas after the first hour. I even headed south looking for the bikes. My drive took me into Cooper Young. I saw many bikes sitting on front porches. I hope they have good locks on those bikes.

As David told me earlier in the day, it may be easier to cut my losses instead of putting time and energy into a fruitless pursuit. Lessons learned? I have a better chance at winning the Tennessee lottery than I have at finding my bikes. Memphis is composed of 279 square miles, and I have no idea which square my bike is in. Now I have an idea of why the M.P.D. officer didn’t put out an a.p.b. out for my stolen bike. The bike could be anywhere. Lesson #2? Always make a note of the serial number for your bike.

I do have to thank some people out there who helped me. A big thanks to Adam Hite for sending me a message from Donita C. about the bikes. Thank you Adam and Donita. The lead didn’t pan out, but thanks for keeping an eye out.

And a big thank you to Cort. I remembered yesterday that I had some work done at the Highland bike shop to the stolen bike. After calling the shop,  Cort had my past work receipt emailed to me in less than 5 minutes. I couldn’t ask for better service. Thanks again.

And thank you to Doug and Cort for reposting my stolen bike post. My blog blew up with people looking at my stolen bike post. Thank you!

Plans for today? Maybe a movie. Some video game playing. Relaxing. Lock up your bikes, have some waffles and enjoy your weekend. See YOU back here tomorrow.