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Happy Friday everyone. Well except for me.

I just hung up the phone with M.P.D. I received a message yesterday from someone who thought she found my stolen bicycle at a thrift store. That should be good news. I called M.P.D. yesterday stating that someone had possibly found my stolen bicycle. The police needed the name and address of the store. Today I found the name and address of the store. My wife even went by to check the place out but the store had not opened when she drove by. I called M.P.D. telling the person working the case the store name and address. I was told THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO. The officer said even if I looked at the bicycle and said it was mine they could no nothing. “I have a picture of the bike”. Doesn’t help. “The back tire is brand new! The front tire is worn. The tread is not the same. I even have the used back tire.” The officer asked me, “How many bicycles in Memphis match that?” Me-“None.” You are kidding me. Even if I find the bicycle, there is nothing M.P.D. can do? The thrift shop is 1.6 miles from my house. What a co-winky-dink. “The bike has a bar code tag from the store where I purchased the bike.” “Doesn’t matter” the officer said. Apparently the “I HEART Mother” bell on my wife’s bike is an identifiable mark on the bike, and that makes a stronger case. “How many bikes in Memphis have a bell that states “I HEART Mother”? Yeah I didn’t ask him that, but really. I am not giving up, but it is very discouraging when I am told that even if I find my bike, the police can’t get the bike back for me. Welcome to the run around Memphis.

When I talked about the latest developments with C. at the coffee shop, she said she keeps her the bikes indoors. I am getting that consensus from others. Really, you can’t just lock up your bike outdoors and expect someone NOT to steal it?

On to better news, the doctor’s report from yesterday came back good. It is always good to have the doctor give you good news.

Yes it was FREEZING this morning, but I did bike to work. And again, I didn’t wear gloves while gearing up for my ride, and then ten minutes later my fingers were numb. It didn’t help when I aired up my tires in the cold. After a few miles riding on the bike, my fingers began to warm up, and that is when they really began to hurt. The rest of the ride was good. I did notice some new art along the Greenline near Waring. I attempted to take pictures, but my camera was so cold it wouldn’t turn on. Next time. All in all the ride was good. My pace was even as well. And the music? You can’t go wrong with Metallica. 

Plan for tomorrow? Head to pawn shops looking for my bikes. Crime never sleeps, and neither do I, well except Sunday morning if I can, & sometimes I sleep in on Saturday too. I also like to take naps as well. Have a good day Midtown. I will try to do the same.