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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. Get yourselves TWO cups of coffee this morning.

So no bike to work today. I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Going back to yesterday and the theft of my two bicycles; bike theft sucks. After I discovered the theft I walked into Republic Coffee and told the staff what had occurred. Still in a daze I ordered a waffle and coffee. After I finished eating, I picked up my cell phone and called my wife to let her know that her bike had been stolen as well. I jumped on my street bike and made my way east along the Greenline. The ride was good. As soon as I reached work and walked into the door I felt as though I had forgotten something. And I did. I forgot to pay my check at the coffee shop! I immediately called the coffee shop and explained how I had just “dined and dashed” as they say in the business. The barista told me not to worry about it. I told the staff I would take care of the bill on Thursday. Doh!

Riding home after work, my thoughts were back to the stolen bikes. First order of business; chains. Heavy metal chains. As in “Metallica” heavy metal chains. And locks. Big locks. I rolled up to the end of the Greenline and placed my street bike in the back of my truck. Next stop Home Depot. “Yes, where is your chain section?” I asked the clerk. She pointed me to the appropriate aisle. 10 feet of heavy metal chain later plus two locks and I was set. When I arrived home, I chained my two street bikes down. Ummm… thieves will just have to take the entire truck if they want those bicycles.

But wait, I am not done. Not even close. Yes I have an old lap top. Yes I have a web cam. Yes I have motion sensing software. You got it; I placed a web cam in the window to watch for the thieves. Oh it get’s better. Yes I have two lap tops and two camera’s. Last night I had two web camera’s pointed at my bicycles. And of course the thieves didn’t come back last night. I have to say the thief had some brass. A bright light shines directly onto the bikes. There are no shadows in hide in. Famous last words? When I purchased the bikes last spring, I was worried about the bikes getting stolen, even with locks on the bikes. Our neighbors have two scooters, worth much more than my bicycles. As my wife said, “Don’t worry about the bikes getting stolen, those scooters will get stolen before our bikes do.” Yeah, famous last words.

I hear this over and over; can’t you place the bikes in the house? Well yes I can. But it is about convenience. Do I really want to lug the bike into and out of the house on a daily basis? Can’t I just lock my bikes up and EXPECT someone NOT to steal the bikes? I mean really. I am thinking of taking the front wheel off the bikes to deter theft. Do I have to go that far?

Let me also state it is not about the money. The bikes were not worth much money. It is about the amount of “time” I put into one of those bikes. I rode that bike daily for nearly six months. I put many, many miles on that bike. I wanted to use the bike as a back up for my street bike. I had just placed a new rear tire on the bike. And my wife spent many hours figuring out which bike was perfect for her. Again, it is not about the money; I just want my bikes back. I work hard, I paid for them, they are my bikes. Anyone who has had a bike stolen knows how I feel. Check out the story of the woman who stole her bike back from a thief ( I have posted this before, but the story is still good, especially in this situation).

Let me again thank Cort at www.fixmemphis.blogspot.com and Doug at www.bikinginmemphis.com for posting the stolen bikes post. Thank you very much for getting the word out. Read both blogs. They post good stuff.

See you again on Friday Midtown. Cheers.