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I walked out the door this morning and noticed my bicycle pulled half way out of the bed of my truck. I didn’t leave the bike in that position last night. And that is when I noticed two of our other bicycles had been stolen. The bike thief cut the lock on my two other bicycles. It appeared the thief attempted to cut the lock on my street bike, but was thwarted. So, here is what the bicycles look like. The first bike is red. Model; Next Power Climber. (yes cheap, but it’s my bike!)

The rear tire on the mens mountain bike is NEW. I had just put the tire on when I picked up a used street bicycle. The front tire is worn. There is also a cup holder attached to the front right handle bar with an odd attachment. Easy to spot.

The second bicycle (I will update the post when I find a picture of the bicycle) is a cruiser, 26 inch, blue with a large seat. There is a basket bracket on the front of the bike, no basket. The give away is the slight shimmy of the rear tire since the bike was involved in a hit and run accident with a motorist. I had not had a chance to fix the back tire.

Who ever stole the bikes may attempt to sell the bikes as a pair. The bikes were stolen near E. Parkway S. and Central. Please notify me if you see these bicycles for sale around town, specifically in the Cooper Young area. Yes the bikes are pretty cheap, but I hate thieves and I use one bike as a back up, while the other bicycle belongs to my wife. Again if you notice these two bikes, please contact me. Thank you!