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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Didja stay dry?

Knowing that rain was in the forecast, I set out on my bike ride this morning. And… there was no rain this morning. I did not have a good pace this morning. I didn’t even finish strong. I am not sure if it was the wind that slowed me or what, but I wasn’t feeling it this morning. I did enjoy a good set list from Metallica from December 2011.

By the time 5:00 p.m. rolled around, the rain began to fall. I was ready to ride. I geared up and then put on a rain ponch. No, not a cheap one either. The poncho went down to my knee’s and came with a hood so I was set. And then I plugged in my Ipod and pushed play, setting Metallica on “go”. And yes, it was a different concert from 2011 in San Fransisco. I didn’t exactly know how a “rain ride” would play out. The good news is that the ride wasn’t bad at all. And just when I thought I would be the ONLY cyclist along the Greenline, I saw another cyclist. He was stopped on the side of the trail. I asked if he needed any help. He declined the help, and I kept on going. I was very happy to be riding, even in the rain while listening to great music. Picture me smiling all the way along the Greenline.

And while riding I started to think. Today you can go to http://www.setlist.com and find your favorite band’s set list for the latest tour. Kinda takes the excitement out of the show. I remember as a kid having to guess which songs would be played at the concert. Would the band play my favorite songs? Yes, I have used http://www.setlist.com to find out what songs the band would play when I went to concerts recently. Now I believe I would rather be suprised by the band set list. Kinda takes the fun out of the show if there is no mystery surrounding the show. (Take it from me, someone who has been backstage to many times).

Did I get wet in the rain? Not really. The poncho covered everything to my knee’s. The only thing I would change would be to wear a cap under my helmet. I figure the bill would shield my face from the rain. Other than that, the poncho worked out well and kept me dry.

Waffle Wednesday? I think so. Well I HOPE so. My plan is to ride to work, as long as the rain is not torrential. I hope your hump day goes as well as mine. Come back tomorrow for more rain, coffee and waffles. Cheers.