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Manic Monday Midtown. Does Monday suck? Not for me.

One big cup of iced coffee and I am ready to ride my bike to work. Remember, today is the first day I tried out my bike after fixing the chain. I was hoping that nothing went wrong with the ride this morning. And guess what? My ride was fine. The gears changed just fine. And I can report there wasn’t a “clicking” noise either. Good for me. My problem? I can’t blame my slower pace due to any malfunction. And I have to admit my pace was not even. But it didn’t really matter to me. The weather man said it may rain today, but I didn’t see the rain. I will not be stopped because of rain (at least I am saying that now).

Work went well and then I was off to the Greenline. As I approached Farm Rd. and Walnut Grove Rd. I saw another cyclist waiting at the light. He noticed my Christmas bike lights and commented on them. We crossed the street and began to chat. I noticed he had much faster legs than I had, but he slowed his pace so we could talk. He is a physical therapist and commutes three days a week to work, riding about 11 miles each way. Funny, since I ride 11.2 miles each day. We talked bikes, clothes, gear, ect. He had pro gear, I didn’t. He also had a very expensive bicycle. I told him I purchased my bike at a garage sale for $25.00. I asked him if he ever read www.bikinginmemphis.com. He said he hadn’t. I told him to check the site out. When we reached Mullins and the Penal farm we parted ways, he went north and I went west. I really enjoy a good chat with someone who likes to ride as much as I do.

Oh, I stayed up late accidently last night because I started to watch the movie “Inglourious Basterds”. The cellar scene with the Nazi’s really draws you in to the film. Although I thought the movie could have been better, the dialogue was excellent. Here’s to you Colonel Frankfurt and Colonel Munich.

Dinner tonight? Leftovers from the Christmas party last night. See ya tomorrow for more love Midtown. Cheers.