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Merry Christmas everyone! Wait… what? I will get to Christmas in a moment.

Yes, I started the day with breakfast taco’s. Never had one? Try it. But, try a “real” breakfast taco. Just take some scambled eggs, add bacon, and place in a tortilla. Or, substitute potato’s for bacon. Or make a taco out of refried beans and cheese. Sunday should be renamed “Taco Sunday”.

And I almost forgot. I managed to do my laundry at 9:00 a.m. which is a miracle. I even packed my back pack with clean clothes for work this up coming week. One step ahead Midtown.

Next up? Pho Saigon for lunch. We dine here a few times a month. We always order the same menu item; shrimp and noodle soup, with egg rolls as a side. On the strange side, our waiter today works at the liquor store during the week. I usually see him there and chat a bit with him at the liquor store. Odd to see him out-of-place. Stranger still, I think he found it odd to see me at the restaurant instead of the liquor store.

What’s next? I need a nap! So I attempted a short nap. After a while I started to read my Memphis Library Kindle book, “Devil Colony” by James Rollins. Good book. Not excellent, but still a good read. Considering I received the book for free and I didn’t have to leave the house to borrow the book from the library, I say I am ahead of the game. Currently I am 92% finished with the book. That is good since the book is due “back” to the library in one days time. All of those days I said I would read while on vacation in Texas never panned out. So I am pushing it to the last-minute to complete the action / mystery book.

I did manage to get in 1 hour of Skyrim. The stats tell me I have cleared 10% of the dungeons in the game. Which means I will be playing the game for at least 10 more months. Good game, just massive game play to say the least.

Next? Our company Christmas party. I have to say the funniest present tonight was regifted from last years Christmas party; a foot scrubber. I told this years recipient to regift the foot scrubber next year.

Food? Did someone say food? I had salad, bread, lasagna and dessert. I am to stuffed to move. What did we receive at the party? Two gift certificates to a couple of restaurants here in town. Good enough for me. What did I wrap and give as presents? Sausage. Sausage and crackers and cheese. (I usually try to give someone sausage every year for Christmas. Giving the gift of sausage makes me laugh every time I give the gift. “Ty gave me sausage for Christmas.”)

Okay, I am beat. Come rain, sleet, snow or hail, I will ride my bike to work tomorrow. Okay, if it is sleeting I doubt I will ride. And hail won’t work either. Snow is okay as long as the snow is not part of a blizzard. I will attempt the rain. This should make for an interesting 11.2 mile ride each way.

Get ready for Manic Monday, because here… it… comes.