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Saturday. I made it. Did you?

I woke up early this morning, and then went back to sleep. Get a move on!

Let me start this again. I woke up a “second time” and headed to the coffee shop. If you need a reason to start the day, here it is.

Don't worry....

Okay the plate was on a Lexus. Maybe he or she is happy about driving a Lexus. I think the message is more important. Yeah, the coffee shop was busy. I ordered a waffle and coffee. You can’t go wrong celebrating the weekend with a waffle.

And yes, I am on a waffle kick lately. I am not sure why, but I do dig waffles. I read the news and chatted with the staff for a while.

When I headed home I loaded up the PS3 with Skyrim and played for an hour. I made some headway in the game. Although I am sure I have hours upon hours of gameplay ahead of me.

Next up? Fix my bicycle. I have had some problems with the gears for some days now. The lower gears were fine, just the higher gears that had some sort of problem. Nearly every 3 rotations and I could hear a loud “click” and the chain seemed to have a problem. It was if the chain wanted to come off. If I downshift, the problem would occur every 5 rotations. Downshifting again and the problem was not as noticeable. The bigger problem? My speed was slower during my ride. And the problem was annoying. Oh not so much when I started, but 30 minutes into my ride and it was very frustrating. So this afternoon I checked a video on Youtube.com about bicycle derailleurs. The first thing the video pointed out was to inspect the chain. So I began to check the chain. Pulling the chain along the gears, I found exactly where the “click” occurred. Then I looked at the links in the chain itself. There it was. One link had a very small piece of metal stuck in it. The link could barely move. So every time this one link went through the gears, it would attempt to come off the gears.

Take out bicycle tool kit. Find something that will remove this sliver of metal from my chain. Work. Work on the problem for an hour. Curse. Curse again. This slight piece of metal was stubborn. I even thought of just buying a new chain. Then after working the chain a bit, the metal was dislodged enough for me to take the pliers and pull the sliver out. Bingo. I put the chain back on the bike and made a practice ride. Wow. The problem was fixed. I may need to take the bike out longer tomorrow to make sure all is well, but for now, the bike and gears work fine. Hello higher gears.

Yes I fixed the bike myself and I should be happy and proud, but the work took it out of me. My patience wears thin when doing things like this. It would have been easier just to buy a new chain or have someone else fix the bike. Okay, be happy. I am trying. Dinner plans tonight is with a friend. I hope to be in a better mood.

I haven’t written about tech stuff lately, but I wanted to write-up a somewhat new service online that is free. The website is called “ifttt“. “If this, then that”. This web app takes different web apps and makes them work together to make web services easier for you. Here is an example. I want to know if it is going to rain tomorrow, and I want to know the predicted temperature. Yes, I can look it up online, OR I can have ifttt send me a text with the weather prediction the day before. Another example is Twitter. I like Twitter, but I don’t really want to look at all the posts from various people I follow. Using ifttt, I can be notified if a Twitter user I designate posts a tweet. Better yet, if I post something online using WordPress, the blog posting can be sent out on Twitter or Facebook. Or I can reverse it and send the post on Facebook and it is automatically copied to Twitter. Pictures work the same way. Post a picture on Facebook and Twitter will post the same picture. Here is one I use. Combine Dropbox with SMS and every time my web camera security system saves a picture in Dropbox, I receive a text stating that a new picture has been added. From that I have read, there are about 390 different combinations to combine various applications. The only other limitation is that ifttt only checks various changes once every 15 minutes. Ifttt reminds me of “WUPHF” from the t.v. show “The Office”, but it does work.

Time to get dressed and ready for dinner. I hope you have a great Saturday and come back tomorrow for more coffee and waffles. Be Happy!