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Finally Friday Midtown. And… this week has tired me out.

How do you start a Friday? With a waffle!

I stopped in for a waffle and some coffee prior to my ride this morning at Coffee Town. I love a waffle in the morning.

I then jumped on my bike and made up way along the Greenline. I rode slower this morning but I enjoyed the ride. The temperature was near 40 degree’s so I couldn’t complain. I came across a couple of cyclists while I was riding. And I did have my headphones this morning. Now if I can only update my Ipod with the Metallica concerts I downloaded last week.

Work went well, and then it was time to ride home. The temperature? 65 degree’s. Holy cow! And since it was Friday, I had to take home all of my dirty laundry. Plus I couldn’t wear my cold weather gear for the ride home since it was so warm. I put all of my cold weather gear in my basket, and then placed the dirty laundry in my backpack. THEN placed the backpack on my back. Either I get a larger basket or think about taking clothes to work twice a week (or even daily). That backpack weighed a ton.

The ride home was very nice. Since the sun is setting later in the day, I can ride in the light for 4 miles. And the ride was the warmest in months. Sweet. I loaded up Guns and Roses “Appetite” on my Ipod and made my way home. When I arrived at Republic Coffee at the end of my ride, I noticed K. (an employee) standing outside. I rolled up and showed him my Christmas bike lights.

Plans for Saturday? Dinner with a friend I have not spoken to in a while. And I have to fix the gears on my bike. If you do not have plans, Cycle Memphis is having a ride Saturday evening at 8:15 p.m. Meet at Cooper / Young. And the map of the ride is posted on the website; www.cyclememphis.com. The ride looks like a good one.

Like I said, I am beat. I will try the Cake vodka with pineapple juice tonight. I was told that is how you make the Cake work. Then again, I also have a cheap bottle of vodka that I can mix with o.j.  I doubt there will be any PS3 tonight. See you back here tomorrow for more coffee and cake. Cheers.