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Hump day Midtown. Are you keeping warm? Coffee, bike ride and lot’s of good stuff. Here we go.

Last night I took a few pictures of a couple of bottles I have around the house. Bottle #1 is UV Cake vodka. I received this bottle in a round about way. It wasn’t a choice I made.

Cake anyone?

If you like cake, this vodka is for you. If you don’t enjoy the taste of real sweet cake batter with your vodka, well this is not your vodka. Mixing cake vodka with orange juice? Not a good idea. Throw it out? Are you crazy? I figure I can drink one drink a night until the bottle is empty.

Bottle #2? Stinky Gringo.

What did you call me?

Throw out the politically correct alcohol. What is Stinky Gringo? A margarita mix that is NOT inexpensive. My wife purchased a bottle two years ago. It was bad then, and it doesn’t taste good now. “Remember, we tried this two years ago.” She forgot, I didn’t. “We should throw the Stinky Gringo out.” Are you crazy? Same story, one drink a night until the bottle is empty. So yes, every night I will be drinking drinks that uhhh…. don’t taste good. I can’t let it go to waste!

This morning I stopped in for coffee and chatted about my bike problems with the barista. After finishing my coffee, I headed to the Greenline. I have to say even with bike problems, I really felt great about this mornings ride. I was so happy to be rolling down the Greenline. I even saw two other cyclists along the Greenline. One cyclist was dressed all in black wearing a black balaclava with black sunglasses. He was headed west, I was headed east. He must have been my doppleganger or my evil twin. I was wearing the same thing. I have to say the ride was good to work.

Coming back home the temperature was warmer. I didn’t have to use my balaclava this evening. but I did need my gloves. The ride home went well. Near the last two miles I was getting tired and I slowed my pace. For some reason a wave of happiness came over me. I was really enjoying the ride.

Some of the music that I listened to on the way home? Dio “Straight Through The Heart”, Rush “By-Tor and the Snow Dog” (live), GnR “Night Train” live, Killer Dwarfs “Want it Bad”, Scorpions “Another Piece of Meat”, Cheap Trick “She’s Tight” lyrics – “Turn the door and open the key” (yeah I was singing this song out loud, riding down the trail), Budgie “Parents”, and Accept “Locked and Loaded”. That is what you get when you switch my Ipod to random.

That is all for today. Get yourself some coffee and ride your bike! See you tomorrow for “Thirsty Thursday”! Cheers.