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It was 26 degree’s this morning, and I rode my bike to work. Two for Tuesday Midtown. Are you warm enough?

When the alarm went off this morning I was sure it was Saturday. “Why is my alarm going off on a Saturday?” Then it hit me, it was Tuesday. Why do I have to get out of my warm bed? To the coffee shop!

Yes, I stopped in for a quick coffee at Republic Coffee. I thought I would try something new. I decided to buy a random person a coffee while at the coffee shop. I stood in line and ordered my coffee. When a guy lined up for coffee behind me, I asked him what he was going to order. “Coffee of the day” he said. “Okay, put the c.o.d. on my bill please” I told the barista. One minute later and he had a free coffee. Pass the kindness along people. Really. How many times has a random person purchased you a coffee, given you a flower, given you a donut? Try it sometime. You never know how much you can change someone’s day with just a small gesture.

And now for ice bike 2012! I finished my coffee and headed outside. The temperature? 26 degree’s. “Oh, it’s not so bad.” That is what I thought. I usually take 5 minutes to get my gear ready to ride. (Put on a cold weather shirt, attach my air pump to the bike, start my Ipod music, (METALLICA) stow my lunch box and tool kit, ect). After 5 minutes my fingers were FROZEN. My fingers were so cold they hurt. Even when I started my ride with my gloves on, my fingers hurt. That is cold. It took nearly 3 miles for my fingers to warm up.

A few pictures from my ride:

What is this?

Here is SOMETHING in the works in front of the Greenline Mural. I am not sure what it is.

And here is the blocked road on Moore Rd. just south of Shelby Farms and just west of Catch’em Lake.

You get a much better picture in the daylight.

Back to the ride. 5.5 miles into the ride and even though my hands were now warm, my feet were now frozen. I can always tell where I am at on the ride by how cold my feet become.

The ride home was cold as well. The cold was not the problem. As soon as I started my ride, there was a problem with my gears. Especially the higher gears. Every 3 to 5 rotations, my gear would slip. The ride into work was fine. And now 7 hours later I have problems. It was not a big problem, just annoying. By 5.5 miles, the problem was VERY annoying. And my feet were frozen. Tired, cold and annoyed I finally arrived at home. The good news? My wife had made me home-made mexican food for dinner.

Speaking of the cold, I wonder if Memphis garbage collectors are going to strike because of the cold. The strike occurred last year. The police didn’t strike last year. The fire fighters didn’t strike last year. The postal workers didn’t strike last year (thru rain, sleet, ice and snow!). Fedex guys don’t strike because of the cold. It is cold in Memphis two months out of the year. Word of advice to the garbage collectors; wear warmer clothes. Just sayin’. It will be interesting to see if the garbage collectors strike this year.

Oh yeah, check out this cider.

Yes, it tasted good...

My wife picked the cider out in San Antonio. I thought the cider would not be any good. I was wrong. It turns out she picked the best cider. Really, try this cider out. Good stuff. She only purchased a four pack, so it is already gone.

Wanna read something good? Check out www.bikinginmemphis.com. Doug has a new interview with a local cyclist. I have to say I really enjoy his blog and his interviews. Read it!

And now last but not least, I want to welcome some new readers to the blog. I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy doing the stuff.

Hump day tomorrow. See you then!