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Manic Monday Midtown. Get ready for Ice Bike 2012.

The morning began at Republic Coffee with a large cup of coffee. I sat and read the news while drinking my coffee. www.woot.com offered a deal for rechargeable batteries and a charger for $10. I’ll take it!

I was about to begin my ride when I noticed my bike basket was off kilter big time. One of the zip ties had broken. No worries since I carry several extra zip ties. I tied a new zip tie on and… it broke. Okay. I have another zip tie. And… it broke. 3 zip ties broken this morning. Hmmm… I had a few pieces of wire to tie the basket down. Finally after a 10 minute delay, I was ready to ride. Yes the ride was cold, but I had my balaclava on so the cold was not a problem. The ride was good. During the last two miles of the ride I felt great and I turned the speed on.

Here is what I noticed the most about the ride. If you are biking south of Shelby Farms, a small part of the farm road (Moore Road) near Catch’em Lake has been closed.

It had been closed with saw horses in the last few weeks, but now there is a locked pylon gate.

The photo was taken at night, but you get the idea.

Cyclists, and runners can get by, but motorists cannot.

Work was busy, and work will be busy tomorrow.

The ride home was colder. The wind had picked up and I felt as though a large invisible hand was holding me back. Balaclava; you saved my life. (F.Y.I. I like using the word “balaclava” as much as possible.) The first two miles this evening (the best part of my morning ride) were terrible. Then as I reached Shelby Farms, the trail gates were locked at the corner of Walnut Grove and Farm Road. No problem, I will just ride up to the park gates and… the park gates were locked as well. Hmmm… should I duck under the gates? Should I ride along the street? I decided to take the street. The traffic was light because of the holidays. After hugging the side of the road for several minutes, I made it to the beginning of the Greenline. Go ahead and take the poll!

As I started the ride along the Greenline, the wind died down. The tree’s shielded me from the wind. The ride home went well. My only complaint from the ride home were my cold feet. I swear my feet were FROZEN SOLID (not really, but you get the point). And I only saw one other cyclist. To cold for you Midtown?

Oh yeah, I used my new battery charger at work. I now have a battery charger at work and a battery charger at home. All of my lights are good to go.

See you tomorrow for Ice Bike 2012. Cheers!