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Happy New Year Midtown! Didja celebrate enough last night? What did I do? Early dinner with a friend and then home. At home I started some music downloads (LEGALLY! Metallica, two different concerts, one concert with Dave Mustaine), then I checked out a live televised podcast about craft beer. Yeah, I know how to party. I did manage to drink a few ciders and some vodka. I finally went to sleep at 1:30 a.m.

I awoke to 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Breakfast? Tamales and tortilla’s. By 11:00 a.m. I was ready for my new years nap. I slept for a good hour, and then it was lunch time. Rough life. We headed over to Huey’s on Madison. The first thing I noticed were the four bicycles parked outside. Yeah, cyclists were stopping by for lunch after riding the bike lanes along Madison. As predicted Huey’s was very busy. I guess hamburgers ARE a hangover remedy.

Hello Huey Burger

We also ordered cheesy fries and a couple of tea’s.

Bring on the fries!

Although the food order took longer to get out than usual, the burgers were good.

Our plan was to see the Sherlock Holmes movie at Overton Square. When we drove by the theater, the place looked packed. We decided to try the next show.

“Hey, let’s go and look at the book store on Poplar” my wife suggested. I’m always up for a stop at the book store. You may want to do the same. Book stores may be a thing of the past soon.

When we arrived at the book store I noticed a barking dog.


Someone left the dog in the car and the dog was not happy about his incarceration.

I looked about the book store, not finding anything I wanted to purchase. My wife found two books to buy. I am still working on reading two books, one a library book that I loaded onto my Ipod. Half way into the book and the book is good, not great but good. “The Devil Colony” by James Rollins is an action mystery set in the U.S. (usually the writer features settings all over the world EXCEPT the U.S.).

After the book store, we made our way home. I had to do laundry and get things ready for Monday. If you are going to commute to work, you have to plan and prepare for your ride. I usually have my backpack packed and ready to go Sunday night. My cold weather gear is ready near the bed. Packing and trying to find gear the morning of your ride usually ends in disaster.

I also played some Skyrim while I waited for the laundry to be completed. And I am still hacking and slashing my way across the land. I’ve played the game for a month now and the game continues to entertain me. Come on level 18!

As soon as the laundry was complete, we headed to Studio on the Square for the movie Sherlock Holmes. We settled in to watch the movie, when a woman sat next to us. And then the woman began to make weird noises. And she did not stop. For the entire movie while the audience remained silent, she did not. Weird-o. Other than the strange woman, the movie was pretty good. Then again it is a Guy Ritchie movie. Doubtful he will ever make a movie outside of his comfort zone. The movie was entertaining. The movie will make money. Story? Why would you need a good story to make a movie? Action, acting, music and good cinematography is all there in Sherlock Holmes. Go see the movie for a good time.

The plan for Monday? A bike ride to work. A stop at the coffee shop. And then maybe some Skyrim. Get yourself ready for Monday Midtown, because here it comes.