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Finally Friday Midtown. And the end of the year is nearly upon us.

When I woke up this morning, my wife asked why I was lazy and not riding to work this morning. We have “plans” for tonight! I got dressed and started with an ice cold coffee at Republic Coffee.

Work was easy, then it was time for “chicken and waffles”.

Sweet Grass Next Door Chicken and Waffles

Sweet Grass Next Door offers chicken and waffles for $11. We shared a plate and ordered fries.

and fries!

To top the evening off? Sour cream deep dish apple pie. I know, “what?”. Yes, ignore the sour cream part. You will not notice the sour cream. Two words for the pie; awesome.

Gotta love it!

We then headed to the Red Box for movies. We picked two movies; “Fright Night” (the new version) and “30 minutes or less”. I wanted to see “Apollo 18”, but the move was rented out already. After watching most of “Fright Night” I have to give the movie a 6.5 out of 10 stars. The 80’s surprise scare works well in the movie. Yes, moving a trash can CAN be scary at times. The acting is okay. The story doesn’t fully develop and there are holes in the story. How does the old best friend know about Jerry? (although I have to say JERRY is a GREAT name for a vampire). The girlfriend doesn’t have chemistry with the lead actor. (the girlfriend reminds me of Julie Delpy who is a fantastic actress and songwriter; get her album sung in english and french). David Tennant does a bang up job as Peter Vincent. The liquor bottle in the robe pocket; classy! Colin Farrell does a good job as well. Who to blame? Maybe the producer or director. As a whole, the movie doesn’t come together well. I saw the original movie back in the day. I don’t remember the original movie. I can’t say I am judging the new movie based on the original. Scary? At times. Funny? At times. Great? No. Good? Not really. Okay? I believe the movie is okay. I paid $1 to rent it. Believe me, I’ve watched worse movies. “Ishtar” anyone? (When the movie Ishtar first came out on cable, I was asleep one day on the couch. I had this terrible nightmare about really bad singing. When I awoke, I found Ishtar playing on t.v.)

Oh yeah. I downloaded the latest Metallica concerts from livemetallica.com. Two concerts for $12.95 each. Good stuff. Now if I can just copy the files to my Ipod.

See you out and about tomorrow Midtown. Until then, cheers!