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Waffle Thursday Midtown. And Thirsty Thursday too. Get out and rock people.

Yes, I started my day with a waffle.

I love me some waffles!

If you are going back to work, might as well start the day with some golden brown love; a waffle. That and a big cup of iced coffee and I was set.

Christmas presents? Oh yeah. Got those too.

A cycling jersey. I will have to wait a few months to use it, but I will be ready. And this is my FIRST cycling jersey. I usually just wear an old t-shirt to bike in. I guess I will appear more pro than usual. Let’s hear it for the Road Ninja.

A camelbak was also under the Christmas tree. Last summer I just attached a couple of water bottles to my bike. Stop, drink, start again, repeat. This year I can keep on riding without stopping to drink the water. 10 years ago while biking in 104 degree heat I didn’t have a camelbak.

Beer? DId you say beer? Well here is my beer (6), with “laser etched” beer glasses (4) I received from my sister. Hmmm… I don’t think the math is correct there (12 buns and 10 hot dogs?).

And socks. Yes, I really needed some socks for Christmas. I had two great pair of socks to keep my feet warm. Now I have 4 extra pair. I told my family about my feet feeling like FROZEN chicken breasts when I was out riding in the winter. And you have to LOVE the flame socks. I will wear those socks while riding very fast.

I mentioned that we sat at the Elvis booth in San Antonio at Chueys. Here’s to you “The King”.

And remember when I wrote about the bike lanes in Texas? Here are your bike lanes.

I was told the neighborhood wasn’t even aware that the bike lanes were being planned. The lanes just appeared one day in my old neighborhood. I even saw cyclists using the lanes. 11 years ago, the bike lanes would have been unheard of. 11 years ago trash would be thrown at you if you rode your bike on the street. Motorists would attempt to run you off the road. Motorists would curse at you for riding a bike on the street. Today the world has changed for the better. An old friend even took his daughter out for a ride along the bike lanes while I was in town. You have come a long way San Antonio.

Dinner tonight? Memphis Pizza Cafe. You can’t go wrong with MPC. I am buying goods from Madison Ave. Support your local business (along Madison!).

Post dinner plans? Beer. Or cider I mean.

Trolley Night is arriving shortly. Go downtown! We always have a good night out at Trolley Night.

See you Friday Midtown. I will be back with more beer, coffee and waffles.