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12 hours. 12 hours of driving. Hello Midtown. We are glad to be back.

Yes the return trip to Memphis started at 6:00 a.m.; to get our last breakfast taco’s of the trip. One full tank of gas later plus 4 taco’s (insert your own joke here), and we were off to Memphis.

I was NOT wide awake though. We stopped in West, Texas at the Czech stop for gas and coffee. If you drive by the Czech stop, STOP for the pastries. There is heaven in the bread.

At 3:00 p.m. we stopped for Sonic in a small town. The only problem? The Sonic was located deep in the center of town, miles from the interstate. I do believe that was false advertisement. But we did get to enjoy a quick bite to eat.

And then FINALLY Memphis. And what do you do when you arrive in Memphis? Have dinner at Pho Saigon. I have to say the dinner was good as always. No seconds for me please.

Yes the Christmas holidays are over. Back to work tomorrow. I doubt the bike will go to work. I am currently exhausted, but I did check the Christmas lights on the bike. Oh yeah, they work.

So, I have had my mexican food fix. I hope your holiday was excellent. See you here tomorrow for coffee!