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And then there was mexican food. Just kidding. Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Yes, so today was the first day we DIDN’T have mexican food. Well that is if you do not count breakfast. Other than that, no mexican food today. A staple of south Texas is Bill Miller BBQ. Beef. A lot of beef from Bill Miller BBQ. We picked up a family pack for $25 and headed for a family lunch. We toured a new house, and then we chomped on some good BBQ. Bill Miller BBQ is NOT the same as Memphis BBQ. Think beef, not pork. The meat and the sides were great. Thanks Bill Miller BBQ!

I picked up some tamales and dropped off some cookies during the day. Yes Midtown, tamales are coming your way. And yes you will have to fight me for ONE tamale. Really.

I also picked up some cider from the grocery store here in town. 5 six packs to be exact. I like the cider.

And then we were eating again. This time “Good Time Charlies” near downtown San Antonio. I will have the 20 oz. steak please. HUGE is the correct word to describe said steak.

Not done yet? No. Time for a drive out-of-town to visit an aunt in the country. This was the first time I had been to her house. Funny enough, I used to live and work nearby in my late teen years. We had a long talk about family and things. Good talk.

So to sum my day up; BBQ, Steak, talk, and cider. Yup. I am done. Thanks for the good times San Antonio. You wore us out. We will be on the road at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. You read that correctly. 6:00 a.m. Better get that coffee ready NOW. See you in Midtown soon. Cheers.