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Manic Monday Midtown. Didja go shopping and help stimulate the economy? I did. I purchased a web camera.

But first; breakfast taco’s. Yes, my father in law picked up some breakfast taco’s for me in the morning. Your day will be great starting out with breakfast taco’s. One bean and cheese, one potato and egg taco thank you very much.

After eating my mexican breakfast it was off to Target to pick up a web camera for my father. I finished my shopping and headed to his house to download his Skype software. That done, I arrived at my mother’s house and helped her set up her new Iphone. Call me tech support, don’t call me son. Just sayin.

Next up? A nap! Well the nap began and within minutes the dog started to bark. No! Then my wife woke me up when she arrived back at the house. SO much for my nap.

Next up? Dinner at a mexican food place. I found it very funny that the staff placed our party in the ONE booth that was 100% Elvis. I took a picture which I will post at a later time.

After a great dinner we said good night and headed back to the other side of town. (Memphis! You can buy wine at Walgreens here! Just sayin’).

Yes, I had nothing but mexican food again today. I weigh at least 10 additional pounds. But it is all worth it. Love me the mexican food.

Have a great day and get back to work. (I am off another two days!). I can’t wait to get back to my bike and coffee shop Midtown. Hold a table for me and I will see you soon. Cheers!