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Merry Christmas!

Live from San Antonio, Texas; the home of Tex-Mex food and everything that goes with it.

Yeah, I ate. I ate well. I ate to much. I ate mexican food everywhere we went. And I am stuffed full.

A couple of things to note while I am on vacation. Number one; I am the official dog pill issuer to the dog. Don’t ask me how I obtained the job, but twice a day I have to give the dog pills. The job isn’t as bad as one would think. The dog loves me; especially since he knows I can get into the dog food container and feed him (I have hands, not paws. So much easier to open that jug of dog food). Secondly, I ate way to much today. The lunch party today was unreal. Tamales, rice, beans, cake, roast, turkey; someone stop me. And then we were given leftovers to take home. Are you kidding me? The food was great and we had many laughs around the table.

I even managed to do laundry and set up a remote desktop to fix error problems all at the same time while snacking. STOP EATING! I swear I will gain 20 pounds in 5 days. It could happen.

Ya know who is open on Christmas day? Walgreens 24/7 is open. The store was a madhouse. I only picked up a few items. God bless those employee’s for working late.

And what else did I see? The McDonalds drive thru was jammed packed. You are going to McDonalds on Christmas day? Are you insane? Uhh… didn’t get enough mexican food?

The plan for tomorrow? Lunch with friends, then I have to stop in at Best Buy for a web camera for my father and set up another desktop remote. Oh, and set up his VCR.

It is great to see family, but all of this eating has me beat. Christmas, you won again this year. But I am making plans to defeat you next year (and I say that EVERY SINGLE YEAR).

All right, have a great Christmas and a happy new year. See you back here tomorrow for more tamales and mexican food.