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Didja get all your Christmas shopping done Midtown? Times is running out.

I sent yesterday eating more mexican food. Can’t …. eat… anymore… taco’s. The dinner was good. Enchiladas with rice and beans. Awesome.

Next up a beer Christmas party with some of my oldest friends. We listened to music, told stories and drank beer. With our designated driver, we toured the old neighborhood and remembered (or at least TRIED to remember) the good old days. I can’t stay up nearly as late as I used to do, but we had fun anyway.

One of the funniest parts of the night was discovering that the city had put in bike lanes in my old neighborhood! I DIED laughing. I asked my friend who now lives in the neighborhood about the bike lanes. He said there was no fight against the bike lanes. He rarely see’s anyone using the bike lanes but he purchased a bike for himself and his daughter to ride along the new routes. I told him about the Madison Ave. bike lane fight. He couldn’t wrap his head around why anyone would be against bike lanes. When I get a chance I will take some pictures of the bike lanes here in town.

The plan for today? Visit the parents, attend at least 3 Christmas parties and have more mexican food. Breakfast taco’s; here I come!

Have a Merry Christmas Midtown!