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Thirsty Thursday Midtown! I hope you are keeping dry.

Christmas is almost here. Didja get your shopping done? Every year Christmas beats me up. I haven’t the foggiest idea why millions of people run about like crazy people for the holidays. Maybe I should start shopping for Christmas on 12/26. Get an early start, get it done, and next Christmas will be so much easier.

New years resolution #2? Stop rewarding people for bad customer service. I tip. I almost always tip 20% WITH THE TAX INCLUDED. Today I discovered it is silly to tip for bad service. “Maybe this ONE TIME the waitress will provide good service.” No, it didn’t happen and it will not happen in the future. That is just wishful thinking on my part. If you are a terrible employee who does not care, I could tip you $100 and you would STILL be a terrible employee. I do not understand why someone who hates their job does comes to work day in and day out. Get a job you enjoy or at least PRETEND you enjoy your job. So no more tipping for bad service. Yes, your reward for bad service is… NOTHING. And yes, I wrote an email to the owner of the business. I have spent well over $100 at his business and have received poor customer service for the last month. The email was not a “your business sucks” email, but more of a “your staff do not know what they are doing” letter. I thought the problem was corrected a month ago when I sent the first email. The problem has not been corrected.

And I am sure that riding my bike in the rain is much better than driving my vehicle in the rain. I must research some waterproof gear for bike riding. As long as my skin doesn’t get wet, I should be good to ride in the rain. I ran across this web page yesterday. READ IT! There are some great stats to look over regarding cycling. If you are not riding a bike, you should be. Want to be happy? Ride your bike. Want to save money? Ride your bike. Want to lose weight? Ride your bike.

Plans for tonight? A 7 hour drive to Texas. Hopefully by 2:00 a.m. I will be in Dallas. And I may have to stop for some mexican food at the city limits. Prepare yourself Texas; here I come!

Posts should follow for the next week. Doubtful I can post pictures from the road, but I should be able to post daily journals.

Have yourself a great Christmas Midtown! I will be back in ONE WEEK!