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Wild Wednesday Midtown. Oh it was an exciting day, believe me.

I stopped in at Republic Coffee for some go-go juice. I sat, read the news and drank my coffee. Here is my beef. I do not have a problem with religious groups. Pray to whoever you want. That is not my business. BUT… if you are going to discuss religion with a group, can you do so quietly? I am sure the same group would not have wanted to hear me start a loud rant about Mormons, Protestants, the JW’s, ect. Like I said, you have the right to practice whatever religion ya want. But can you keep the noise down? I solved the problem with some headphones and Metallica. Here’s to ya.

Next? Bike ride to work. I had a great pace this morning. I was ready to GO! As I was riding along the path in Shelby Farms, several older ladies laughed as I rode by with my santa hat on my bike helmet. I’m making the world smile, one person at a time.

Next up? Our office is moving closer to… well moving. The attorney came by to check things out. I provided the pictures. Let the countdown begin. My life and others will be so much easier.

Next? My ride home. All went well. As I was nearing the end of my ride near Tillman, I passed several cyclists, and a couple of kids. I guess they saw my Santa hat and Christmas bike lights. A guy yelled out “There is Santa!” I said “Yeah man!” and kept on going. Making the world smile, one person at a time.

Next? I drove to the liquor store for my wife to pick up some wine. I noticed a cyclist riding north along McLean. When we both stopped for a stop light, we started to chat. He was riding to Rhodes. “Easy ride” I told him.

Next? It is Pint night tonight at a certain restaurant. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me. I like beer. The problem? EVERY TIME I go for pint night I have to explain to the person working the cash register “pint night”. Every time. The same guy was working one week ago and he had no clue about pint night. Then I had to explain it to the manager. After 5 minutes of explaining he says “Oh… it’s Wednesday”. Yes… rocket scientist… it is Wednesday, Pint Night. Maybe HE should put an alarm on HIS phone that it is Pint Night. Just sayin’. It would be different if this was the first or second night. This is the 7th “pint night”. Why advertise a special if the staff do not know about the special and make it a hassle every time you try to get the special.

Okay, time for a drink and time to sleep. I start my holiday travelling tomorrow, but I should be able to post from the road. Have a GREAT Thursday! Cheers!