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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

What is worse than riding your bike in the rain? How about driving your car in the rain. As much as I despise riding my bike in the rain, I believe it would have been better than driving a car in the rain. Turn signals mean nothing in this town. Hey I am trying to move over to the next lane. Give me a break here. Yeah, I am way to spoiled riding my bike along the Greenline. I will be back to the Greenline tomorrow, so all is well.

I did enjoy a cup of coffee at the coffee shop this morning. And since I have downloaded “The Devil Colony”, I have read three pages. Yeah, I need to read the book more. So last night I thought it would be a good idea to download and set up a program on a second laptop… after a few drinks. Alcohol and setting up software do not mix. Take it from me.

I did manage to get into some Skyrim tonight. Good game still, although at this point in the game, it is all about hack and slash to level up my character.

Christmas is only days away. And again this year, Santa has me beat. I am exhausted. We had dinner out tonight, but I am to tired to get into the restaurant or even post a small review. I may write the place up soon if I get a chance.

Look for more stories coming at you tomorrow Midtown. Stay warm, dry and get that Christmas shopping done.