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Manic Monday Midtown. Did you survive the day? Get ready for my crazy Monday.

I started my day at Republic Coffee. Some lucky staff members received a Christmas card from me. I do have to thank them for treating me great when I come in daily. They take good care of me, especially if they are busy and I am in a hurry. Thanks y’all.

Biking to work today, I felt great. My tempo was good. I wish I were riding faster, but I was happy with the results. Speaking of speed while riding my bicycle, I am thinking of purchasing a GPS to calculate my speed. I have an old GPS but I have trouble getting the thing to work. You see, the old GPS was in a bike accident many years ago. The time was summer and I was training to lose weight in a parking lot. I had just purchased the GPS and was riding in the parking lot. My last thoughts were “I’m going 15 m.p.h.” when I clipped a curb. Okay, I ran STRAIGHT into the curb. (This is a great example of why you shouldn’t text while driving!) I did the superman slide across the asphalt. Yep, half of my body had road rash. I had to call a friend at the office to come by to check on me as I was on the ground. The fall knocked me for a loop to say the least. When I arrived at my girlfriends place, I had gravel in my kneecap and face. I am sure I looked GREAT. Back to the GPS. So I still want to get the new GPS to track my speed and distance. I have a coupon I can use so the fee would only be $25. I may have to think about this for a while. And I still want a NEW (okay USED) Ipod Gen 3. I must think about this. Usually it takes me weeks to decide.

Oh, and no balaclava today. I did wear gloves, but my face was warm enough. AND… I noticed traffic backing up along Sam Cooper and 240. At one point I was moving faster than the cars to the left of me. I’m not saying you should ride a bike to work, but…

Work was good today. I will take a good Monday if at all possible.

The ride home was good. A few things to note. As I was riding into Shelby Farms, I saw a deer. I’ve been by a few deer in the past so that wasn’t anything new. The next animal threw me though. I nearly ran into a skunk along the trail. I slowed and let said skunk walk quickly away. I dodged a bullet there let me tell you.

As I began my way along the Greenline, I came upon two people walking the trail. As I rode by, one guy shouted out, “Cool man!” and I said “Thank you!”. I guess he liked my bike Christmas lights.

AND… I received an email from the Memphis Public Library. My book “The Devil Colony” was ready to be checked out. Awesome! I would buy the book, but why do so? I have the book checked out for my Kindle for 3 weeks. The book is great. I read the first chapter for free so I know how good the book is. I can’t wait to jump into the book.

AND… I just received word from an old friend. Last year we had two parties at his house, a pre and post concert party and a Christmas party. Let’s just say that his wife is not letting us have another party at his house. I don’t blame her. We get a bit out of control to say the least when my two friends and I get together. “But there is only three of you?” Yeah, that is more than enough. So we will probably celebrate Christmas at a bar. I already feel sorry for the bar. “Do you have any Black Sabbath on the juke box?”

And… you already know about the Christmas lights that I placed on my bicycle:

Christmas Bike Lights!

What do I need to go along with the Christmas bike lights? How about a Santa hat on top of my bike helmet:

well someone had to do it...

Some tape holds the hat to the helmet. The red hat drew some looks this morning as I rode along the Greenline to work. Merry Christmas y’all!