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It is Sunday Midtown. Didja enjoy the day? My day was filled with Central BBQ (TWICE!), Republic Coffee, and a long-lost relative. Hold on to your seats, here we go.

How did I start my day? Breakfast taco’s. Bacon and eggs in a tortilla. Times two. Love me the breakfast taco’s.

Next up? Republic Coffee for lunch. We ordered the BIG salad. Yes the salad really is big. Two people can enjoy this huge salad.

This was only HALF the salad. The salad is HUGE. Get some.

We didn’t even finish the salad it was so big. Thanks Republic Coffee.

Next on the list? Ihop. No we didn’t eat there, but we did meet friends for a chat. We had a good time and had some good laughs.

I then received a text from my cousin who resides in North Carolina. He was driving through Memphis on his way to Little Rock. He asked me if I wanted to meet him for lunch. I gave him the address of Central BBQ on Summer Ave. Twenty minutes later I was shaking his hand in the parking lot. We ordered a sandwich and some bbq nacho’s. We began to talk and we discovered that the last time I saw him was in 1977! 34 years ago! He remembered that meeting in 1977, but I did not. We talked about our family, who was doing what, ect. It was good to catch up with him. We took some pictures and then said goodbye.

For dinner we made some hamburgers. Awesome. Although I was full, I had to bike over to Central BBQ to pick up a gift card. I turned on the Christmas lights and made my way to Central BBQ. I purchased the gift card and ordered a banana pudding to go. When my order was ready, the manager asked if the banana pudding was the only thing I had ordered. I told him I had already been to the OTHER Central BBQ location today and was picking up a gift card at the Central Ave. location. “What, no beer today?” I told him I would see him again on Pint Night on Wednesday for my free pint glass.

Yes, the day is done. I am exhausted. Get out and enjoy your week Midtown, because here comes Monday!