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The weekend is here Midtown. Get out and do something!

Oh I was out and about today. I had to work. It was only for a half day, but it was still work. I can’t complain though. The day was easy enough.

I did start my morning with a cup of love at Republic Coffee.

Love in a cup.

I forgot the barista’s name, but check out that cup of coffee. And it wasn’t even my cup of coffee. Hungry? My wife and shared the chi-chi (the staff pronounce it “shay-shay”). Eggs, bacon, and cheese served on a croissant. Sign my up! Get some Midtown. And I did have a chat with D. about stuff while waiting for my coffee. There is always something to chat about at Republic Coffee.

After work I headed to Central BBQ for lunch. One sandwich later and FIVE Central BBQ spice shakers later and I was set. SOMEONE is getting some Central BBQ spice in Texas. And I did ride my bike to Central BBQ. The best thing in the world is to ride your bike in your neighborhood to get what you need. Why get into your car? You can make the same distance in the same amount of time by bicycle. Heck I didn’t even put on my cycling clothes. I took a ride wearing jeans, sports coat and a t-shirt. But wait. Where did you put the spices and to go sandwich and tea? In my bicycle basket on the back of my bike. To easy Midtown.

And yes, I am STILL playing Skyrim. I did well today for the hour that I played. I am just hacking and slashing my way through Skyrim. Funny, I mentioned to a co-worker today that I was playing Skyrim and a customer overheard us talking. The customer is playing Skyrim as well. He was studying for college, until he purchased the game. He said the studying stopped completely after he purchased the game. I have to admit the game is addictive.

Christmas is almost here people. I hope you are ready for it. My list is almost complete and the shopping is nearly done. Have a great Sunday and I will see you here for more coffee, bikes and Skyrim tomorrow. Cheers!