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Happy Friday. What do I have? Chicken and waffles! More on the chicken and waffles later.

Since I was meeting friends tonight and because of the bad weather, I decided not to bike to work. I did stop by Republic Coffee for waffles and coffee.

Waffle Friday!

I love me the waffles. The place was busy but I did enjoy my hot waffles this morning. Thanks RC.

Work was busy as all get out. I didn’t think today would be so busy, but it was. Paperwork, phones ringing, schedules changing; today threw it all at me.

After work we headed to Sweet Grass. Every time we stop in the food is GREAT! Chicken and waffles please.

I LOVE the chicken and waffles.

And just a hint; add a small amount of hot sauce to the waffles and chicken. It adds a GREAT flavor. We shared a plate and there was plenty to eat. I even picked up a side of fries and a salad.


Even better our friends gave us an Amazon gift card and paid for our meal. Wow. We had such a great time and ended up crying we were laughing so hard. All and all the day was GREAT.

I did end the day at the liquor store and some friends will be getting some Fireball Whiskey for Christmas. Lucky them!

I do have to work half a day tomorrow, but I will survive. Have a great weekend Midtown and I will see you here tomorrow.