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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. You know what that means! FREE pint glass from Central BBQ.

No bike ride to work today. The chance for rain was to high. I did stop in at Coffee Town for a drink this morning. The place was full of coffee drinkers. I read the daily news and thought about work.

Work went well today. I am nearing the completion of my Power Point project. I hope to use it for a meeting this weekend. We will see how the project turns out.

After work I unlocked my bike, turned on the bike Christmas lights, and headed to Central BBQ. I purchased a couple of sandwiches and a Sunshine beer (with FREE pint glass). The person at the counter had to ask about the special. “Go ahead. He is trying to collect a SET of glasses” the manager said aloud to her. The guy next to me purchased 4 glasses. Dude, save some for me. I now have 5 glasses. Ty 5 / Central BBQ -5.

I also had the chance to play some Skyrim. That one level I was trying to conquer? I finally completed the level. It was tough fighting an army of the dead. I went on to another level and completed that one as well. I am just trying to level up in this tough game.

Sorry for the quick post, but I have been wrapping presents, downloading video’s for my project and fixing other stuff. And now… time for a drink. I think I accomplished a good deal today. See you back here tomorrow for more BBQ, pint glasses and beer. Cheers!