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Hump day Midtown. You know what that means… Pint night at Central BBQ!

The day started at Republic Coffee. The shop was mostly empty. The K man and I had a chat about sports books. “The Junction Boys” and several other books were discussed. We then discussed sleep aids. Yeah, that is what happens when you grow old. You talk about things you take to fall asleep.

I finished my coffee then I was off for my ride down the Greenline! The weather was warmer this morning so the ride was good. As I rode into Shelby Farms, I was in a good mood, singing a Metallica song at the top of my lungs. And when I looked left, I noticed the fishermen fishing along the lake. I hope they enjoyed the show. Thank you! Good night! We love you all.

Work went well today. After work I climbed on my bike and headed to Shelby Farms. I turned my Christmas lights on and pedaled away. The line of cars waiting to get into Shelby Farms received an early light show from my bicycle. I did notice a few cyclists out along the Greenline tonight. I hope they enjoyed the Christmas bike lights as well.

Arriving home I ate chicken tacos and then it was time to ride to Central BBQ for pint night. $5 later and I had my FREE pint glass. Thanks Central BBQ! Love me the Sunshine beer. I sat and read the new edition of the Memphis Flyer and drank my beer. And it was a good ride outside. The weather is awesome! It must be near 70 degrees outside. Thanks global warming!

Last night I fell asleep at 9:00 p.m. That is how tired I was last night. 10 hours of sleep is good for you sometimes.

I just saw the commercial on t.v. for Skyrim. See the commercial here on Youtube.com. This is basically what it is like to play Skyrim. I wish I wasn’t exhausted last night so I could play the game.

Plans for tomorrow? No bike ride to work. 70% chance of rain. Yeah, no good. So I will stop in the coffee shop for a drink and then drive to work.

See you back here tomorrow for more pints, bikes, and good weather.